F K . S E G I S M U N D O


This is an overview of how my flash-design process goes. Please read carefully if you are considering getting a flash piece.

1. Check out any available designs to choose from here

2. If you found a design you like, take a screenshot and fill out my request form

3. Select 'Flash' and follow the steps accordingly. Be sure to enter the correct design series

4. Upload screenshot when indicated. Some flash sheets just require a design number, be sure you enter the correct one

5. Click 'Submit'

6. I will get in contact with you if whether you reserved the design you chose. Reminder, flash designs are on a first come, first serve basis and is based on the order I get request emails

7. If the design you chose got taken by someone before you, you have a choice of another design you like. But if you are adamant on the design you want, we can consider the project as custom and proceed to the next custom-design steps.

8. If your design is yours, I will send you my available date and time.

9. A deposit is required to hold appointment. Paid via Venmo. Deposits are non-refundable. This helps cover the design time and to hold your appointment.

10. I will get in contact a week prior to our appointment to follow up and confirm. I will also be sending address information and a reminder of the balance of your tattoo.

11. I need to be notified if whether you are still attending your appointment. If I don't hear back from you after a few days, I will assume your appointment is cancelled.

12. If you cancel, the design is then released again for someone else to reserve it. If you are attending your appointment, I will see you on the agreed date.

13. On the day of your appointment and after getting tattooed, the remaining balance will be paid (cash or Venmo)

14. Enjoy and take care of your tattoo!

Any further questions, you can check my FAQs page or you can email me frances.segismundo@gmail.com

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