F K . S E G I S M U N D O


This is an overview of how my custom-design process goes. Please read carefully if you are considering getting a custom piece.

1. Fill out my tattoo request form and select 'Custom-Design'

2. Enter any information that would help me understand your tattoo needs. Note: please be clear and specific of what you want but bare in mind that I need some creative freedom

3. If you have specific aesthetics from past tattoos I've done or textures that would work with my style, you can upload any images for me to reference

4. Click 'Submit'

5. I will get get in contact when I've gone through all my emails with details on the next step - would need confirmation from you before proceeding

6. Once I have your acknowledgement, a deposit is required prior to any designing. All deposits are made via Venmo (info will be provided). Deposits are non-refundable. It covers design-time and to hold appointments

7. The designing will begin upon receiving the deposit

8. Once I have a design draft, I will send a preview for you to check whether there needs to be any changes

9. If there are changes, I will amend the design and send you previews until you are 100% satisfied. Emails need to be checked regularly during this point. This lets me know you're still interested in this project.

10. If there no changes, we will begin booking an appointment

11. Once scheduled, I will send a confirmation email a week before our appointment with address information and the remaining balance of your tattoo. So be sure to check your email and reply to me when you see this

12. Regardless if you're attending or not, I need a notification from you if whether you decide to proceed with it or not. Again, deposits are non-refundable

13. On the day of the appointment and after getting tattooed, pay the remaining balance (cash or Venmo)

14. Enjoy and take good care of your tattoo

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