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COVID-19 Reopening Protocols

Please read this carefully.

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I hope you all have been keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe during this pandemic. While there are signs of massive improvements, we still need to be cautious about how we go about our lives whilst waiting for a vaccine.

I will continue practicing sanitary protocols to ensure the safety between myself and my clients. While tattoo artists are already required, by law, to maintain sanitised environments between clients and measures during the tattoo procedure, there are additional steps to prevent further spread of the virus.

Facts about the studio:

I operate from a private studio, which is a 7-artist studio.

We try to limit capacity in the space. When we are reaching a full house, each station is spread out to avoid close proximity.

We open windows and operate fans to keep air circulating.

All appointments are scheduled prior to. 

No walk-ins, and no waiting room.

How I operate:

Every client is scheduled an appointment specifically for their time slot. 

I usually schedule 1-2 sessions per day, but if there are multiple sessions I will spread them out to give ample cleaning time between clients.

I won’t allow clients to overlap nor interact.

Please be punctual.


Right now, I cannot book anyone from out of New York State. If you’re coming from within NY, and travelling by personal car, I will consider booking you.

I will only book out of state clients when it is safe to do so.

To book an appointment you must...

Not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Have not been in a gathering of any kind (small or large).

Not have travelled from our of the city/state for 14 days.

Haven’t been in contact with someone who contracted COVID-19.

*    *    *



- For now, clients cannot bring friends or companions. You must come alone.

- For those who have requested getting tattooed on the same day as your friends, I would have to postpone your sessions when safe.

- Please eat BEFORE arriving to your appointment. Unfortunately, we can’t allow clients to eat in our space at any point.

- Get tested regularly.

- Please wear a mask at all times when out in public. This is for your safety as well as others and we need to respect that.

- Be cautious when commuting. Be aware of what you touch, sit or lean on.

- Limit to what you touch, and if you do, please use hand sanitiser or gloves.

- Maintain social-distancing guidelines, do not get too close to anyone.

- Keep aware of your symptoms and monitor yourselves. Check your temperatures regularly.

- If you develop symptoms, our appointment is immediately rescheduled.

Upon arrival...

- - You must wear a mask. It is recommended to bring your own, but I will provide one if needed.

- All outerwear and jackets must be left on the coat rack by the entrance. Bags can come into the space and kept under my massage table.

- Immediately proceed to the sink and wash your hands for 20-30 seconds. Use paper towels provided to dry and then throw.

- I will take your temperature before you enter my station.

- If we’re using the massage table for your appointment, please take your shoes off before getting on.

- Please bring your own beverage. Unfortunately, eating is not permitted in the space during the pandemic.

*    *    *

What I’m doing

Since quarantine started, I never took public transportation. I get around the city on my bike and have only gone out for rides and groceries.

I’ve maintained social-distance from others and I wear my mask and gloves when I’m out in public.

When I arrive home, I immediately wash my hands and face. Most times, I head straight to the bathroom to shower and put my outside clothes straight in the washing machine.


- Before, during and after reach session, I will wash my hands.

- I will thoroughly disinfect all touch surfaces.

- During sessions, I will be wearing my own mask, face shield and gloves.

- I change gloves constantly to avoid cross-contamination.

- There will be ventilation in the space for continuous airflow.

- Any surface that a client will touch (massage table or arm rest) will have new, disposable protective barrier throughout, and will change them between clients.

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